Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Experiment, of sorts.

Today I am experimenting with soundtracks. Specifically bad movies set to my favorite albums.

Today's Movie: A Walk to Remember
Today's Soundtrack: Sunny Day Real Estate's LP2

The Schematic: The movie is a placid attempt to recreate "tepid" romance between a high school stud and a high school "romantic Christian." Sunny Real Estate is a cross between the lyrical-poetic-nerdy-Christian and "Pretty Hard Rock." The two should mesh well.

The Reality: Um, they do. I thought this would be funny, but it totally worked. The part where Jamie (a pale and still somehow attractive Mandy Moore) and her father (some dude) have a confrontation about her boyfriend, uh, Jocky Von Popularpants (some douche) is perfect alongside "Rodeo Jones." The part where the old set of friends confront Jocky? Nice fit for "Friday." "8" makes a nice companion to the long "proving yourself" scenes where Jocky wants to prove he's worthy of Jamie. "5-4" runs along the scenes where Jocky learns about Jamie's cancer, needs help from his Dad and learns about life while driving around. Man this was totally worth it. The song Red Elephant is outstanding in the wedding scene and closing the film to credits. I'm telling you, I'm a genius.

The Experiment: A begrudging success. Sunny Day Real Estate was supposed to be a bridge for good music to become popular, but the break-up/make-up composition of the band kept them from being the Jimmy Eat World before Jimmy Eat World. This movie actually gets better with this as a soundtrack. A Walk to Remember is a cheesy shithole, but LP2 has its share of ridiculous moments as well. While I will never watch the movie again, this experiment births the scientific theorem: I am a pussy.

Next experiment: Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts/Wiggle take over Legally Blonde.

(UPDATE: Screeching Weasel alongside Legally Blonde/Witherspoon is not worth it. Trust me.)

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