Friday, February 09, 2007

Absurdist Media Celebrates One Year Of Little Importance!

In the grand spirit of self-acknowledgment I would like to humbly admit to you, the consummate reader, that February is not merely a collection of passing days for bundling up against the climate with the warm remembrance of African-Americans of note—ah, how Tubman’s Underground Railroad curls itself around the exposed skin of your neck like a thick and lovingly crafted scarf--or Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois’ subtle written rivalry pulls itself over one’s head as reaching and hopeful arms boldly find their way through arm holes of a well-worn sweater which only grows warmer with age. Nay, dear reader the shortest month of the year also now commemorates the one anniversary of Absurdist Media’s clinically induced, and entirely labored, birth!

And what a year it has been.

Cover letters were written and thoroughly ignored by perspective employers, a well cushioned couch (and constant companion) was paid a loving tribute, hastily written fiction was delivered to the masses for better or worse, largely banal observations were explicated and generally noted in a lengthy fashion. Names were named, apologies were made and retracted, once inhabited areas were visited and discussed, Starbucks’ were visited simply for their lascivious internet connections, and through it all the constant hum and dim lighting of the laptop prevailed.

So, what can we expect in the second year of a fledgling and seldom read Internet blog?

I would not begin to speculate on such things but if trends continue, and by “trends” I mean stolen moments in which I am able to jot down potentially grand essay ideas on the train or at work, there is the possibility of several multi-part, dictioned odysseys on topics as varied as music to laser hair removal, cartography to the increasing disappearance of the El Camino on Eisenhower’s fine interstate system of highways. What Jeff may have in store for the next year remains a mystery to me as he is stubbornly holing himself up for hours a week watching television and obsessing over product placement, and all the while tightening his grip on his rarely discussed dream of owning the most sensitively stripped wardrobe this side of the East River.

It is also necessary to thank those of you who have left of comments over the last twelve months. Not only is it nice to see what you think about our ramblings, but it just nice knowing that someone is actually stumbling across our page and taking a moment to see what we have to say (my apologies to those who were googling Jadakiss, Panic! At The Disco, etc. who were looking for anything remotely insightful or biographical on either topic).

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed against self-implosion on the part of Jeff and myself, and have a wonderful new year with much of the same from Absurdist Media—like NPR, but without relevance, know-how, a studio, pleasantly soothing speaking voices, a well-honed and executed vocabulary, tote bags at pledge drive time, or legal representation.



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