Monday, April 16, 2007

Experiment 2: Experimenter Harder

I am experimenting with soundtracks; specifically bad movies set to my favorite albums.

The Movie: National Security
The Soundtrack: Fugazi's The Argument

The Schematic: The movie is a classic buddy cop movie with a twist. One guy is white, and the other is BLACK. Steve Zahn is accused of beating a black man (Martin Lawrence!) and is relegated to... whatever. The point was to match up Fugazi songs to the film to make it better. I honestly thought my roommate Paul had something going with this pick.

The Reality: Probably not going to work. I think we just wanted to listen to Fugazi. Yes, the actual song "The Argument" was funny in a couple of scenes, "Ex-Spectator" ("I'm not a citizen...") worked for a few arrests, and "Cashout" and "Full Disclosure" are good rock songs for car chases and action points, but there were better choices for this movie. We didn't make the right choice, but then again, "National Security" offered us little with which to work.

The Experiment: Failure. This band's Modus Operandi had no place within the ridiculous nature of National Security. The Argument might make sense behind an arthouse film, but not a Springtime fresh racial comedy. A pointless endeavor. Sorry to waste your time. Nothing proven, nothing gained. Fugazi was a good band, though.

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At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i got to eat four slices of pizza and pass the fuck out, it wasn't a total loss.



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